Hi! Will here at Viable Design.  As you probably know if you’ve taken a nosey around my website, I do graphic design as well as website design for my clients.  Some big agencies will have a team of designers and a team of developers in separate roles.  But I do both.  One thing I think is important to remember and that makes my clients happy, is delivering what THEY want, as opposed to what I want!

As a client, you don’t want a graphic designer that gives you a website that’s all about them. It’s all about YOU and YOUR business!

Let me give you an example.

A client generally starts a conversation about a website they’re after.  They have existing branding and my job is fitting in with that. They didn’t come for an entire rebrand!

The majority of my clients have been local to the Scarborough area (though not exclusively).  And let’s face it, living in Scarborough, we’re touched with a bit of nostalgia. Tourists love a bit of harking back to the past, reminding themselves of yesterday with their fish and chips and lovely tea rooms whilst they look out over the bay.

So going modern and bling would be very detrimental to such businesses. You have to work within the confines of various existing ideas and branding that the customer presents, such as:

  • Shop signage
  • Colours of interior décor and furnishings
  • A style (let’s call it retro, shall we?)
  • Any other existing printed materials that are staying put

All in all, a solid brand that’s been around for 3 few decades or more.

As a designer, staying within that branding, matching the colours may go against the grain when you want to design something flash or truly outstandingly beautiful, but giving the customer what they want whilst designing something that has amazing development and most importantly, gets them noticed on Google, is what it’s all about.

Take a look at the website I designed for Emma’s Coffee Lounge in Scarborough. Not just fantastic coffee and a welcoming, homely atmosphere, but a superb matching website too 😊 and a lovely bit of feedback too (see quote at the bottom of this page)…

For a no obligation, down to earth, chat about your website plans with me, Will Barraclough, give me a call on 01723 373 325.

Sophia Mort, Director, Emma’s Coffee Lounge gave us some lovely feedback:

“As a traditional Coffee Lounge with old fashioned values of service and product quality, we knew we needed a web presence in this modern day to let people know what we can do, we just didn’t know how to do this at a reasonable cost. Our profession, catering, involves attention to detail and a perfect visual result was paramount to us. Viable Design ensured we were happy at every point of the process, involving us as much or as little as we wanted. Being perfectionist the website became our baby too, and Viable Design never faltered from guiding and advising us along the way. The team taught us how to effectively promote our business. We have had some wonderful compliments about the excellent quality and content of our new website. We have finally made it into the modern world, thank you!”


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