Web Design Tips for a New Business

When you’ve set up your first business, starting a website is key to gaining exposure. However, for those with no experience in setting up a website, getting started with it can seem intimidating. Here are some tips to help break down the vast subject of web design into what steps you need to take:

  • Have a clear goal– build your website around the core purpose of your business, as this will help to narrow your focus and will entice clients.
  • Call to action– if you have a newsletter, tell customers to sign up for it! If you want visitors to browse your services, tell them to do it! Using these calls to action will make your goals clear and encourage clients to follow suit.
  • Select an appropriate host– perhaps WordPress would work best if you want your website to be more blog-centred. Look into various hosts and see which is most reliable. You may also need to consider future growth of your business, as certain platforms cater more towards small businesses. At Viable Design, our websites are designed in WordPress.
  • Choose a suitable designer– if you decide to hire a web designer to help you, take a look at previous sites they have designed to see if it fits your requirements. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples or references – good designers should be showcasing their work as a matter of course.
  • Browse pre-made themes– there are many of these available to use on different web hosts, so have a look and see which one matches your branding. However, be wary of free themes as they are often less secure than paid themes.
  • Keep it simple– don’t use too many different design elements. Instead stick to basic, easy-to-read fonts, and only a few colours/textures.
  • Use relevant images– make an effort to gather photos of your workplace, staff teams, and your work to put on your website. Avoid using too many stock photos as this isn’t always helpful for your business’ branding.
  • Be mindful of SEO– use keywords consistently on your website to improve clients’ chances of finding you. If you are unaware of concepts surrounding SEO, educate yourself on it or ask your web designer for help.

If you’d like a chat about your website plans for your new business, give us a call on 01723 373 325 or browse our packages.

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