Web Design Pitfalls for Small Businesses to Avoid

Websites are very important for branding and marketing your small business. Making design mistakes on your website can, therefore, be detrimental to your business. Ensure you avoid these web design pitfalls with the following dos and don’ts:

  • Don’t rush – before going ahead with designing your website, take the time to consider your branding and target audience. Ensuring that customers/clients can gain an understanding of your business is the priority over finishing your website as quickly as possible.
  • Do include calls to action – once visitors have found your website, they need to know what to do next. So, tell them! Calls to action promote the purpose of your business and encourage customers to take the next step.
  • Don’t focus on a flashy design – you need to put effort into marketing your website and making a clear layout so that visitors know exactly how to navigate once they are on your website. If the format of your website is too busy, it will put people off.
  • Do collaborate with professionals – if you are starting your first website, it is unlikely you have the experience to be able to do it yourself. Don’t struggle through it on your own; consult a web design company to help you create a successful website.
  • Don’t pay too much or too little – hiring design companies that offer services for small prices could potentially lead to poor quality results; equally, expensive companies may not be equipped to help small businesses if they are more used to working with big brands.
  • Do consistently update your website – if the information on your website is outdated, you will be at a disadvantage and visitors could assume you’re no longer in business. Make sure to check that the information on your website is accurate, and if you have a blog on your website, update it often to improve SEO.
  • Don’t try to please everyone – focus only on attracting your target audience and creating the best experience for frequent visitors. Trying to accommodate every type of person who might visit your website is unrealistic and a waste of time/effort.


If you’d like some help with designing a website for your business, call Viable Design for a chat with us on 01723 373 325.  It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at or how unfocused you feel right now. There will be a solution that’s right for you.

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