How to Get the Most From Your Web Designer

If you have little or no experience working with a web designer, the process can be confusing and perhaps even daunting. Here are some tips to help with making the most out of working with a web designer (and remember, we’re human too. We don’t bite!)

  • Don’t rush – although budgets and deadlines pressure you to get the website finished, giving your web designer more time to think will allow for better quality. You want your launch to be amazing. We work quickly but rushing is never the best idea as we want to make sure your website really feels and looks right for you – and most importantly offers a great user experience for your visitors.
  • Test the design – if you’re in doubt about the work your web designer is doing, ask to test out the design first with real users and get their opinion.  We always offer this as standard – we’re used to working with user groups on testing.  For larger projects with diverse user groups we can manage this remotely for you at an extra cost.
  • Make sure your goals align – having completely different ideas and objectives to your web designer is a recipe for disaster; discuss goals and target audience beforehand so you can decide if that web designer is right for you.
  • Work as a lasting collaboration – consider working with your web designer on a monthly basis, as this allows for on-going development of your website and for you to work on refining it together.  Also looking for a designer who is in it for the long haul is a good idea because they can provide hosting, updates, fixes and give you tips on content to ensure your ranking stays high.
  • Allow your designer to solve problems – allow your web designer to explore various potential options for solving issues rather than telling them how to change it after identifying the problem yourself, as this is a waste of the web designer’s talents.

At Viable Design, we believe it is important to establish an encouraging working relationship between our designers and your business. Whether you’ve worked with a web designer before, or if you’re completely new to this, you can expect our collaborative, friendly, genuine advice to help you achieve your web design goals.

If you like how we work and you’d like to discuss options for a new website or an update to an existing one, call 01723 373 325 for a chat with Will.

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