Avoiding Problems With Your Web Designer

Picture this: you’ve hired a company or individual that has promised high quality web design. But, after a few weeks or months, you find your business is nowhere near the top of Google search and you’re unable to get a refund. Not exactly the ideal situation, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Perhaps you’ve experienced other problems through previously working with web designers – lack of communication, lack of professionalism, lack of successful results, to name a few.

Having these problems with a web designer can lead to a negative impact on your business. It’s important to hire a good web designer that will create a long-term benefit for your business.

Here are some tips to avoid any of these problems further down the line:

Research, research, research! Take a look into the background and reputation of any web designers you’re considering hiring, including reviews from their previous clients.

Allow for time. Understand that web designers often require a lot of time to deliver high quality content, so try not to rush the process.

Be cooperative. You need to do your bit too! Have a clear idea of what you want in a website and describe it to your web designer in detail so you’re on the same page.

Make a contract. This should cover aims, design specifications, copyright, what to do if things don’t go to plan, etc, which will give you peace of mind and is something to fall back on if you do end up unsatisfied.

If you’d like a chat about designing a website for your business, call Will at Viable Design on 01723 373 325.

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