Before you say it, we KNOW it’s October and some of you really don’t like the C word in October. We mean Christmas, obviously. And yes, it’s the tenth of October, to be precise. But before you know it, we’ll have had Halloween and bonfire night and we’ll be on that dark descent into December, the fairy lights will be up in your office and you’ll be in the throes of Secret Santa and planning what to wear to the Christmas do.

So it’s time to get organised in advance, folks.  Whilst we take care of your online marketing at Viable Design, it’s also safe to say that people do still respond to offline marketing, particularly when it comes to something special like holding a Christmas card in your hand from a cherished client or supplier.

How you treat people all year round is very important and with more and more people either failing to send Christmas cards or choosing to donate money to charity instead, you have a real opportunity to stand out with your corporate Christmas card this year!

We can design for you, your own corporate branded custom Christmas card. Make it as whacky or cute or traditional as you like.  Say something that is meaningful to your clients, suppliers and associates at the festive time of year.

Remember Scrooge, questioning Bob Cratchit on why he should observe Christmas Day at all, and why was it a holiday and why do his employees need coal on the fire?  Mean, it was!  Mean!  And you don’t want to be remembered for being mean-spirited.

Just imagine how organised you’ll feel knowing that you’ve had a branded Christmas card designed and printed up in advance, ready to post early December. Including a personal message too might just make the difference between whether you’re going to work with that client next year or not…

You can see a card we designed last year for East Coast Pest Control Ltd with the little mouse wearing a Santa hat.  If you’re looking for something a bit special for your clients this Christmas, give Will a call on 01723 373 325.

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