I’m the man who sent your chocolate bar

It’s not that I’m about to drop from a helicopter or scale the side of a building to bring you a box of Milk Tray, but I AM the man who sends a bar of Cadbury’s milk chocolate out to businesses in the area by way of introducing my website and graphic design company, Viable Design.

You may be wondering why…. read on, my friends…

Whilst I have based and grown a business on helping people with their online marketing, there is still a place for other methods of introduction to potential business associates.

People don’t need a website designing and developing every day of the week, in fact it may be more like every 2 years and if they’re satisfied with their designer’s services then likely much longer in between.

However, when that person DOES hit the point of need, when it’s coming up for review and they are thinking longer term, I hope they are going to remember the person who sent them a personal letter of introduction, offered them a free website health check and gave them a chocolate bar too.

Invariably, the follow up phone call part of the sales process goes like this…

ME:        “Hi, it’s Will from Viable Design, a local website design company. I sent you a letter of introduction last week…”

Other person:    Tumbleweed. Nada. Nothing.

ME:        “It had a chocolate bar with the letter”.

Other person: “Oh Hi! You’re the one who sent the chocolate bar! Thank you so much. I remember you now. Thanks for sending it, it arrived just as I was having my morning break, yeah I had it with my coffee. So, your name is Will, right?  Tell me about what is it you do again…?!

And hey presto, we instantly have a warmer personal connection based on a chocolate bar and the perfect setting for me to start finding out about them and they find out about me.

Is there ever a bad time to eat a chocolate bar?  I think not.  And a recent study said it was good for your concentration!

You can have all the automated fancy tech tools in the world but people do business with people they like.

If the other person is not looking for a website just now? No problem. We’ve had a nice chat and they’ve had some chocolate: after all, I expect no obligation from them.  It’s no strings chocolate.  If ever the day comes when they or someone they know is thinking of developing a new business which needs a new website, or is fed up of their existing service, then I’d like to think that they’d think of the choccie bar and possibly come back my way.

If you’re new to the Viable Design website you can check out our transparent prices and see what it would cost to build a custom website here.

Happy Friday everyone!

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