Although you may hear some people say that social media has replaced SEO, we know that to be rubbish!  SEO is still so important, websites are still very important, and what’s more, you own them (unlike your Facebook page, which Mark Zuckerberg owns).


SEO helps startup business establish their presence online and to meet their business goals.


It always feels like there are so many activities to focus on and startups have their time split in many ways.  Knowing what to focus on can help:

What can SEO help with?  With reaching a bigger audience, generating traffic to your website, creating brand awareness, improving engagement and with generally increasing interest in your business.

You must set SMART goals for this, such as I want to increase blog traffic by 20% in the next quarter.  Something measurable and tangible to see whether it worked.  If you don’t have anything to measure, there’s an even greater risk of spreading yourself too thinly.

It might be to increase number of visitors to your site by 1000 in the next 3 months.

It might be to generate 10 new leads in the next month.

You now have to work out what content you’re going to share, and how this will be optimised.  Keyword research helps you discover new content opportunities and improve your existing content.  By focusing on what your audience wants, the topics they search for and the types of content they enjoy, you have a better chance of getting it right.

For any startup it’s hard to reach the top of the search engine list, but the more work you can do on keywords, the better.  We can show you how to do keyword research.  Keyword research can serve as the start of your content planning work.  Increasing the keywords in your content (authentically, not just by randomly sticking them into your website and blogs!) can really make a difference to your business’ position on Google.

Oh and did we mention that SEO is something you can do for free once you get the hang of it?  Know how and brain power are the keys!

We are now offering website maintenance support in a variety of pre-paid bundles that makes it easier for you to decide how that support is used by us.  You can see more information about our services here and simply purchase online so that you know you can always rely on our support to be available when you need it most



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