Launch of UK Wedding Car Directory

This week sees the launch of the UK Wedding Car Directory, which is exactly what it says – a place where brides and grooms can find the wedding car of their dreams at the touch of a button.  We’ve been working on the site build for a while now and we’re happy to announce its public launch.

The wedding cars provided on the directory are only the ones who are certified members of the National Association of Wedding Car Professionals (NAWCP).

This is the only directory that searches for you based on just your wedding post codes.  We designed the directory to be as easy to use as possible for the bride to use (we say bride, but it could be the groom, or parents, sister, or Uncle Tom Cobley.  The directory works the same, whoever is searching for their dream wedding car!)

Just type in your: –

1. departure postcode

2. ceremony postcode

3. reception postcode

Et voila! You are presented with all your local options over the NAWCP approved wedding cars in your area, along with all the photos of their cars and contact details.  So if you know someone who is getting married soon, let them know and give it a try!

About the NAWCP

The NAWCP is a not for profit organisation.  Only registered members of the National Association may enter their cars on the directory.  Currently there are over 350 cars already available within the UK, and more are being added daily.

The UK wide association is designed to represent, support and provide assistance to those in the wedding car business and those seeking to enter it. Whether yours is a small business with just one vehicle or a larger business operating many vehicles on a grand scale, there is value in being a member of the NAWCP.

Website requirements

We recognise that different businesses have a different set of website requirements (it’s not all a standard one-page brochure site!) and we’re proud to be launching a UK wide directory for a professional association.

If you need a directory or have special requirements for your website, then just let us know.  Send us a message or call us about your custom-build website.

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