Client website launch: Hamilton Bradshaw

We’re delighted to announce the launch of another new client website this week, this time for Hamilton Bradshaw.

I’ve worked with Rob for 18 months and this is his third website with me, although the launch of website 3 is still in the making.  Rob teamed up with Sajeed, an associate in London and recommended Viable Design to the owners of Hamilton Bradshaw.  It’s always great to get word of mouth recommendations and repeat business.  You can see another website we made for Rob who owns Bedford Target Supplies (website link here).

Currently turnaround on website builds is around 6-8 weeks due to workload, however, Rob and Sajeed had a pretty tight turnaround and we were able to deliver this one a little quicker than usual.  It helped to have an already established effective working relationship.  It’s so important for me to deliver to the client’s brief, budget and timescale, as these are things that frequently run over on typical website builds and I’m keen to offer a service that a client can actually be really pleased with.

So a little bit about Hamilton Bradshaw: their objective is to help teachers and school leaders to become genuinely evolved educators, who can pass their academic learning and fresh perspective onto their students.

The company provides mission-driven, engaging and academic-focused training and courses to support teachers and educational leaders to develop their skills and strategic planning further.

You can take a sneaky peek at their new website here and find out more about what they do!

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