A Good Website is always Work in Progress

When people think of designing a website, they often have a project plan in mind, a deadline, an end date when everything is done.

That’s great – and it plays to my perfectionist and super organised streak, BUT what I want to convey to you today is that a website is always work in progress.

It’s never finished, and that’s how it should be.

Like a shop window, you’ll want to update it with the seasons by bringing in new content.  You’d never leave your shop window looking the same for 2 years straight, and yet people do this all the time with their websites!

You might update your product list or start to offer new services, or you may realise that trends in digital marketing mean that the way you’re currently marketing your business needs to change (for example you might want to include a short video on your home page where as it was just text and images before).

You’ll want to incorporate user feedback, user comments, and you may realise that your competitors are doing something so good that you’d be crazy to miss out on the action.

That’s why I always consider a website to be work in progress, an ongoing, successful project.  You need to love it, nurture it, understand it, and be able to change it as you see fit at the time that suits you and your business.

I spend time with clients giving training on how to use the new website, adding content to make sure it reflects the changes in your business in real time, just as you would do your shop window.

If you’d like to chat about a new website or any aspect of maintenance, hosting or a health check for your existing site, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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