5 Easy Ideas for a Small Business Content Plan

I talk a lot about website design, development, hosting and maintenance, since that’s what I mainly do!  However, to really make sure that your website is working its absolute best for you, a content plan of what you’re going to share is essential.

Every time I handover a website to a new client I will provide training on how they can add their own content to their website.  Most small business owners tell me that staying in control of the infomraiton that is being presented on your website is very important to them.

But sometimes, people do get a little stuck for ideas on what content to share. Here are a few really easy tips for small businesses to consider sharing on their website.

  1. Can you write? Even if it’s no more than a long Facebook post style length, and just an update on what you’ve been doing this week, if you can write that down and get it shared on your blog then it serves many purposes – climbing Google rankings and providing a reason for your site visitors to return regularly
  2. Do you have new products to update on a regular basis? If so, this is perfect for keeping your shop window fresh and current
  3. Do you have helpful hints you can share with your loyal followers?
  4. Can you provide information to potential customers so that they can start to get to know you before picking up the phone to work with you?
  5. Company updates – these could be anniversaries, awards won, conferences attended, new staff started, training days. It all shows that you’re current, relevant and committed to developing the business.  It adds a whole lot of credibility to your website.

If you’re unsure about what to write or what content to share then get in touch with us and we can put you in touch with our associates and partners providing copywriting, content planning and social media marketing services.

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