QDF Why Google demands you must keep web content fresh

There are a number of ways to make sure that your website is search engine optimised (SEO) – this is a whole industry in itself.  Today I’d like to delve a little more technically today about why it matters for your to update your website frequently.


Google’s “Query Deserves Freshness,” or QDF, has been around for the past decade, but it is still a necessary part of your SEO strategy.

The QDF factor is how Google knows you’re looking for up to date information, such as swimming pool opening times this week as opposed to when the pool was open last year.  Same applies to film showing times, store opening times, etc.

We’ve spoken before about how it’s a great idea to give your content a boost with current updates so that readers are getting the best most up to date information and they also know that you’re business is live.  However, the extra benefit here comes from Google’s own interest in serving up current content.  This matters to Google and therefore it matters to your website.

When your website initially goes live, it receives a freshness score, however, that score decays over time if you leave the content alone. By actively updating content as part of your web strategy it signals to Google that you need an updated freshness score.

It’s important to be mindful of what you change.  Just replacing a word or sentence won’t have the same impact as switching a header or the main body text on your homepage. Updating your blog posts is a great way to update your freshness score.

Updating your static content to be fresher, newer, even if you’re basically saying the same thing but in a different way – all of these things matter to Google in terms of the QDF.

Word of warning, please don’t expect overnight results. It takes time to build credibility with Google and other search engines, however, you don’t want to risk this aspect of your site causing a decline in your search engine visibility.

Any questions about how this works, give us a call at Viable Design on 01723 373 325. If you’re looking for content writers we can recommend those too.


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