Top reasons to use WordPress for your small business website

There are so many benefits of going with a WordPress website.  We have set out some of a few of the key reasons why we use WordPress and recommend that you do too, in our short guide that is aimed at small business owners looking to get a new website.

WordPress is a free and open source.  This means no secrets, nothing to catch you out, nothing where suddenly you’re going to be charged for growing.  This ethos is something we believe in and find reassuring as a small business ourselves.  WordPress comes with a tonne of “Plugins” which just mean that your website can have add functionality when you need it.  you don’t have to start off with these things but you may find at a later date you want to add something like photo galleries, sliders, shopping carts, a chat forum or map, etc.  Plugins are the things that make this possible.

WordPress is always improving its CMS and adding features that directly benefit the customer. You can easily add a blog to your site.  This is the whole reason WordPress really came about in the first place, and many people still think of it as a blogging platform.  It’s a really great blogging solution but also you can just use it as a website.  If you use WordPress for a business website AND blog then all the better!

There are various themes to choose from that really help you style your site beautifully right from the off. My clients are always impressed by the great modern templates that can easily be customised to make beautiful expensive looking websites at a fraction of the cost they expected to pay.

Security is good.  I have every admiration for WordPress as a company for their security updates.  We take full advantage of these for clients on a regular basis. We take care of all of this for our clients so that they don’t have to worry about taking backups etc.

Your ranking in Google is likely to improve with a WordPress website. WP makes SEO really easy for Google. Some clients come from other CMS and notice a huge spike in their search results which is amazing.  Want to grow your business and wondering whether your website can grow with you?  Your WP site will grow with you over the years and become bigger as you do.  Functionality and features can be added as your business grows.  This is amazing news for all entrepreneurs who for example start a small business and just need a brochure site, but then start to add functionality such as an e-commerce site later down the road.

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