Over the last few months, Viable Design has been working with a great new business, Quick Drinks Direct. It’s the only company to open its’ doors in Scarborough, that will deliver alcohol straight to your door!

How it Works

Ordering from Quick Drinks Direct is easy. Just browse through their online shop and place your order. They will deliver to your door within 60 minutes. You can even pre-order when you know what you will need in advance.

What You Can Get

Quick Drinks Direct offers a large selection of alcohol including beer, wine, spirits, cider and champagne, and that’s not all. Their online shop carries tobacco, cigarettes, mixers, soft drinks and snacks. They are reasonably priced and delivery is free on orders over £8.00.

Open Late

Have you ever wanted to continue the party after a great night out on the weekend, but all of the shops are closed? Now you can call Quick Drinks Direct. They are open on Friday and Saturday from 5:00 pm to 5:00 am! They are also open from 5:00 to midnight on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Need a Hand?

Are you planning a party? We all know that it’s time-consuming and there is so much to do, but Quick Drinks Direct can provide the alcohol, when and where you want it delivered. Need a relaxing night in? If you are just planning a cosy night in front of the TV, now you can order your drinks as easily as you order the takeaway, from the comfort of your sofa.

Place Your Order Today

So what are you waiting for? Quick Drinks Direct is now open and they are even offering a 10% discount in March with the voucher code, March 18. Get your drinks ordered for the weekend now at http://www.quickdrinks.direct

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