What to Prepare For Your Website Consultation

If you want to take your business online, it can be difficult to know where to start. First, you should arrange a website consultation with a web designer, but what should you ask them when you meet? Here are some good ideas to get you started on the right foot.

Get to Know Your Designer

Start by getting to know your web designer and learn about their business. Have a look at sites they have already created, do they look professional? Find out what experience they have, where they studied and how long they have been web designing. Ask them for customer reviews which you might even be able to find on their website before you go. If you are happy to go forward with who you have chosen, the next logical step is to find out what it will cost you. What packages do they offer to match your needs?

Go Prepared

Your web designer will be happy to design your website for you but you must go prepared. As a business owner, you will know your business better than anyone else will. If you want to maintain your current logo and branding, let your web designer know. Share with them any logos, pictures, videos or other content that is important to your business. Explain what you are looking for and give examples of other sites you like to give them an idea of the design you want. Ask your web designer if they have any ideas and what they have done in the past for similar companies. As a web professional they may have some great ideas you haven’t even thought of.

Can They Deliver

When choosing a web designer it is important not to take anything for granted. If you are looking for an e-commerce site, make sure it is an option. Check that your designer is up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. Is hosting an option? Will your site be mobile device friendly?

Book with Viable Design

Generally, a web designer will be able to offer you most, if not all, of the above, but take advantage of the initial consultation to make sure. Now that you know what to ask for, why not make an appointment for a consultation with Viable Design. They are friendly and professional and even offer a tracking system to follow the progress of your website throughout the build.

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