What is a Bounce Rate?

Your website’s bounce rate is the number of visitors that land on your website and then leave without visiting any other pages on your site. Google Analytics is where you will find this information as it keeps track of your website’s traffic. Think of it as a tool to determine the performance of your website. Google takes the number of bounces and divides it by the number of total sessions on your site and the total is your bounce rate. According to Google, the average bounce rate is between 41 and 55%, with anything lower being excellent and anything higher not very desirable. If you target audience is coming to you through social media link then the bounce rate tends to be higher, but that could be your target in which case it isn’t always a negative outcome.

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate

When you visit a website, what captures your attention? What about a site makes you want to stay on it and explore more about the business? Quality content that is easy to read is very important to retaining your customers’ interest. Have your content written to appeal to your target audience and use headers to break up the copy so it’s easier to navigate. Make sure your pictures are of high quality and the colour scheme is in line with the logo and flows from page to page. Your website should be mobile device friendly as many users search from their hand-held devices. Keep your loading time to a minimum, get rid of any old or less relevant content weighing down the loading time.

Want Help with your Bounce Rate?

Making sure you have all of the right components to lower your bounce rate can be difficult for the average business. If you want a hand then Viable Design is here to help. Contact our office at 01723 373 325 and we can discuss how we can help you with your website, or visit us here at https://www.viabledesign.co.uk/

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