With all of the online security concerns website owners face today, it’s important to follow some basic rules. Hackers are always looking to take your content from your basic information to credit card details. It’s important to protect yourself and your customers. Your customers will expect that you have taken proper security steps, therefore, it’s important to meet this expectation. If you haven’t, they will most likely go elsewhere.


HTTPS is the protocol used to provide security across the internet. If you are just using HTTP, hackers can gain access to your website and all of the transactions that take place. When this happens, your information and that of your customer can be stolen. HTTPS guarantees to users your site is secure and so is their information.

How to Get HTTPS

Do you need to switch to HTTPS hosting, because it’s very easy? You just need to purchase an SSL certificate which will secure all connections between a browser and your server, ensuring that transactions aren’t intercepted. A bonus to being HTTPS secure is that Google prefers these sites so your site will get picked up by the Google algorithm ranking you higher in searches.

Website Security Seal

A website security seal is a visual stamp on your website that ensures your customers that your site is protected from viruses and malware. It’s not expensive to purchase the security and it will make a big difference to your customers. Your website will be monitored for any suspicious content so you will be notified if there is ever an issue. Some companies have noted an increase in sales after adding the security software.

There are many different ways you can make your website secure. These are just two examples of what your basic security should be. If you are looking at making your website more secure then contact Viable Design at https://www.viabledesign.co.uk/ and they will be happy to help.

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