What Should Your Homepage Look Like?

When building a website, it’s hard to know what elements to include. Your homepage is most important because it’s where your customers arrive on your site. It needs to be engaging to keep your customers interested. So, what are the most important features?

Your Logo

Your logo should definitely be on your homepage as it is the face of your business. Use the colour of your logo throughout your homepage and the rest of your site. Incorporate any other branding elements as well, such as fonts used in the logo, quality pictures and your slogan.

Your Menu

Be sure to have a menu that is visible when you land on your page as well as easy to navigate. You can also include links to your other pages using photos and highlighted text. It’s important that it’s clear to your customers what’s on offer and how to access the pages.

Calls to Action

Calls to action are one of the most important elements on your homepage. When you get your customers interested in what you are selling, make it easy for them to make a purchase. For instance, if you have a section explaining the benefits of your product, you should have a button in place to ‘buy now’. The button should link them to the shop. Don’t forget to include any current offers and make sure there is a call to action attached.

Headings and Copy

Make sure you use a visible heading for each section to clearly direct your customers to the right area of your site. Your copy should be engaging and direct. Too much copy can be off-putting, so make it easy to read.

Benefits and Reviews

As there are thousands of businesses online, you have to make it clear why people should buy from your site. Include the benefits of your product or service on your homepage, perhaps near the reviews. Positive reviews are always a good idea. As it’s becoming more popular to seek reviews before making a purchase, providing them up front is convenient for your customers and makes them more confident in your business.

There are several components that can be added to a homepage and they will differ from site to site. There’s no harm in looking at other sites to see what elements you prefer as a customer. Would you like help with designing your site? Feel free to contact us here at https://www.viabledesign.co.uk/contact-viable-design/. We would be happy to help.



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