You would think that writing about your business on your website would be relatively easy. No one knows your business better than you do and if you have a flair for writing, it should be even easier. So writing copy for your website shouldn’t be hard, right? Wrong. It might sound easy but not necessarily when you are writing to accommodate online traffic. Due to the way that online shoppers scan sites when they are looking for something, there are a number of things to consider.

How People Read Websites

There are thousands of options for shoppers online. That’s probably the reason why people have turned to quickly scanning sites when they are looking for something but are faced with multiple options. According to many studies, when we land on a website, we automatically scan the top paragraph, the middle paragraph and the vertical line down the left side of the page. It seems we do this because we expect to find the link to what we are looking for in those areas. So, how does one write a website knowing this?

How to Write Your Content

It’s obvious that you want to have your logo and any other related branding at the top of your page. Other important information should follow the scanning pattern at the top, middle and left hand side of the page. As we have developed this way of scanning, it’s safe to say that most websites do already. So what else works? Keep it short and sweet. With the speed at which people scan sites, they won’t take the time to read long drawn out paragraphs. Try and make your point in 4 sentences or less to make it easy to read.  Also make sure to have a heading in place for each paragraph, that stands out in size and colour. Add complementary photos next to paragraphs as visual aids are easier than reading. Add links to your other pages to make it easy to navigate without having to go to the menu. Calls to Action that take your users to your shop are also very user friendly.

What Would You Want?

The best way to decide how to write your content is to get in the mind of your customer and decipher what is most important to them. Also consider sites that you have visited that you found easy to use because the copy guided you to exactly what you wanted. With so many things to consider, why not speak to a professional web designer at who knows exactly what they are doing?

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