The top 3 reasons you should move to WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS available, and businesses across the world are beginning to realise why. 28% of the internet is currently powered by WordPress and as more businesses begin to integrate their services, that number is anticipated to grow.

WordPress is not only popular for its impressive visual templates, it is one of the only platforms that has the capacity to perform advanced functions, while still being extremely user-friendly.

The top 3 reasons a business should move their website to WordPress are listed below.

1. It’s user-friendly

The interface in WordPress is clear, concise and easy for even a tech-savvy novice to navigate. The platform features clear navigation documents and detailed support guides to guide users through the steps involved and any questions they may have.

The best WordPress sites are developed by expert web design teams, but WordPress platforms will always have the capacity for a business to self-manage and update, which ultimately saves them money in the long term.

2. It’s easily customisable

From designers to retailers, and transport businesses to blogs, the platform has a template and layout to suit everyone’s needs. The front end of the website can be extremely visual, or it can be a simple text design, WordPress allows the user to be as creative as they like with visuals and user experience.

3. It is always being updated

There are literally thousands of plugins available for WordPress sites. Whether you’re chasing analytics, want to incorporate video or simply need a design refresh, the answer will always be there.

WordPress is also extremely mobile friendly, so businesses need not worry about their mobile visitors experiencing any difficulty when accessing their store.

Once a WordPress website is designed by an expert team such as those at Viable Design, it will be easy for a company to manage, provide accurate reporting statistics and updates at any time with the simple click of a button.

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