3 ways you can boost your digital marketing with SEO right now

When it comes to digital marketing, building a great website is just one piece of the puzzle. From there, it’s essential to develop and deploy a strategy to steadily increase traffic over time. While there are plenty of paid solutions to achieve this, there are also many SEO strategies which are totally free and can really give your business a boost in search results. In fact, there are some you can implement right now – and here are three of the best.

#3: Add a free “Google My Business” listing

Have you ever noticed that, when searching Google for a specific business, it sometimes pops up an info window with a map, contact details, website address, and more? This is known as a “Google My Business” listing, and it’s absolutely essential for SEO success. By adding your free business profile to Google, you’ll be guaranteed search traffic when users look for your business directly – without the risk of you getting lost in the shuffle.

#2: Start creating long-form content

As time has gone on, Google has shown a clear preference for long-form content when it comes to SEO. This means that websites which produce genuinely valuable content for their visitors will see a boost to their search engine result rankings. If you’ve not yet started producing blog posts for your business, it’s never too late. Try to publish business blog posts at least once per month, if not more: the longer and more valuable you can make them, the better.

#1: Tweak your titles, headings, and meta-tags

While content has become the driving force of SEO in 2019, the back-end stuff still matters. For this reason, you should ensure that your website’s page titles, page headings (e.g. h1, h2, etc.) and the metatags (e.g. the meta-description used as the snippet in search results) are all optimised. This means you should make sure that each of them is at least semantically connected to your site’s main keyword (e.g. ‘golf shoes’ or ‘website design’).

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