The benefits of business stationery

In this digital day and age, are you sure that you really need concrete business stationery?

The attractiveness and functionality of your website design are of paramount importance but your business website is not the only marketing tool at your disposal. Let’s make the most of all the tools in our marketing box. It is easy to see the value of a clear presence online that utilizes the best in today’s graphic design options. But the impact that can be made by branded business stationery should not be underestimated. Even with today’s focus on digital marketing plans and website development, there is a real case to be made for proper business stationery.

The benefits of business stationery to your business are manifold. Just imagine receiving a physical business card within your delivery rather than receiving just an impersonal delivery note or email. Branded business stationery can really make an impression on your clients and your contact details will be within easy reach. An email signature can be a pain to locate but a business card is always to hand. Furthermore, you will never be caught short when meeting potential new clients. You’ll be prepared to network at the drop of a hat.

Our key digital printing packages include both business cards and A5 leaflets in a choice of either the starter package or the micro package. All packages use high-quality paper to create your branded stationery. We recommend sticking to a minimal colour palette and opting for a simple and sleek design. This will create the greatest impact in today’s modern market. The starter package includes a hundred business cards and a hundred leaflets whereas the micro package provides 500 of each variety. The business cards in both packages are printed on 450gsm silk stock, single-sided, no lamination with standard corners. The leaflets are printed on 150gsm value silk stock, single sided.

Stand out from the crowd and make an impression with branded business stationery. It adds that personal touch that can really make a difference when building client relationships and retaining new business. Professional branded stationery will benefit your business and boost your status!

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