Introduction of branded Christmas Cards

Many businesses send Christmas cards to their customers, but have you ever considered sending branded Christmas cards? Doing so shows your customers that you are thinking about them and that you value their custom. It’s also a great way to set you apart from any brand competition. Use our graphic design services and discuss your brief with us to create branded business cards that help to sell your brand while communicating any special offers or important holiday information.

Awareness of what your business does

A high quality branded Christmas card is a simple way to convey to your customers exactly what your business does and what services it offers. Additionally, when this card is displayed it will be seen by others, helping to further raise awareness of what you do. This is a huge bonus during the run-up to the Christmas period, as it could generate more interest and sales.

Build on those customer relations

When you send a professionally printed branded Christmas card that has been carefully designed on high-quality paper that is fully laminated, then this says a lot about how you value your customers. Our branded Christmas cards are printed on premium silk paper that is double-sided and features matt lamination. This attention to detail speaks volumes about how you value each and every customer.

Convey useful information

In simplistic terms, the branded Christmas card is an attractive and visual way to convey important information to your customers. This could be something as simple as your Christmas opening times or useful information and links to your business website and social media platforms.

The personal touch

We all love to receive personal letters and cards in the post, as they are so much more personal than a generic mass email. Taking the time to professionally design your business Christmas card is an incredibly personal gesture. As an added touch you could include a discount code or special offer as an extra gift to valued customers.

Based in Scarborough, in the heart of Yorkshire, our graphic design team can help you to create the perfect branded Christmas card for your business. To learn more about our 2019 Branded Christmas cards for your business then please do get in touch with us today.

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