3 reasons flyers are still a top marketing tool

The modern business world is a fast-moving place and marketing is at the forefront of this. Recent years have seen digital marketing take all the headlines and become very popular with businesses. From social media to SEO and PPC, online marketing has given organisations a new way to reach more people. This does not mean you should discard offline marketing channels such as print marketing though! Flyers are still a viable way to promote your business and can really help generate more leads along with more sales.

But what makes flyers so key to marketing your business still?

People trust flyers

A major part of doing business with people is building trust. If the public trust you, then they will be more likely to use your services and feel secure enough to spend money with you. Flyers are a great way of achieving this as you will often give them out in person. Doing this helps people to see the person behind the flyer and feel confident that you are a real business and not a scam. Many consumers still inherently trust more traditional marketing methods like flyers more than digital marketing material like emails.

Low cost and easy

Another benefit flyers have as a marketing tool is that they are relatively cheap to get printed which delivers a decent ROI. As all marketeers know, this is always a good thing! Distributing flyers can also be less time consuming than other marketing methods and much simpler to do. After all, simply handing out a batch of flyers to people is often much faster than things like researching and setting up a PPC campaign online.

Helps create a buzz around your brand

One really great advantage of using flyers to promote your business is that they enable you to create a real buzz in your local community. As this is where a lot of businesses will rely on for their trade, it is very handy. Getting out into the community to distribute them is great for building up a buzz around your company. It will not only let people know you exist in a much more personal, effective way but also get them talking about you to friends. You can also arrange to leave some in other shops or businesses for extra impact.

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