The dangers of writing your own website content

Many business owners or managers feel best-placed to craft the content for their own website. This is an understandable reaction – it’s unlikely that anyone else knows more about their business than those inside it. And this can also be exactly where the problem lies. Here are three common – although usually inadvertent – errors that can occur in such circumstances…

+ The website says what the owner wants it to say

Sounds pretty obvious, but this may not be the same as what a potential customer wants to read! Looking at products or services from an internal viewpoint can be a bit like the person you meet at a party who only ever talks about themselves. Of course, businesses are proud of the quality products and services they provide – but those reading the content wish answers to WIIFM – their question is: what’s in it for me? Key information needs to be used to support benefits they’ll gain or important problems that will be solved.

+ The website talks in the expert’s language

Working in a business, everyone gets into a habit of using jargon, verbal shortcuts, abbreviations and technical terms. Outsiders looking in often understand little of this. The result is that they are less likely to make further contact with a business that seems much ‘cleverer’ than themselves. It’s easy for them to feel that they wouldn’t fully understand what’s being said, or might even be talked down to. The danger is then that they simply click back to their original search and look for a simpler solution!

+ The content is incomplete

This third danger when writing content internally lies in the sub-conscious of the author. Their level of understanding is high and ingrained. Therefore, parts of the information which are obvious to them are omitted, despite the fact that it is still unknown to those visiting the site.

The way to avoid such inadvertent errors

Having ‘outside eyes’ undertaking your website design and development can help avoid such difficulties with your web presence. Working to make the most of your knowledge, but paired with their ‘outsider’ expertise, the result is effective and responsive web content. This will be attractive and involving to those reading it.

To talk to our experienced Viable Design team about forming such an effective partnership, simply contact us now…

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