5 graphic design & web development trends for 2020

After a shift to mobile-optimised WordPress sites and Accelerated Mobile Pages over the past couple of years, many graphic designers opted for bright and bold colour palettes, futuristic compositions and gradients which stood out.

This was a natural reaction by many in the graphic design industry who saw the handheld mobile screen as too small for complex or harmonious designs.

However, 2020 – and the technology it brings with it, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and similar devices with larger screens – is likely to usher in a sea-change in mobile site design. Here are some of the trends expected to be adopted by WordPress development houses and graphic design gurus over the next twelve months:

1. Neutral colour palettes

Many brands are taking a step back from bold colour trends which summed up 2019 and are instead opting for muted colour palettes. Think desaturated primary colours with matching complementary secondary colours.

2. Gradients

In recent years gradients have been relegated to background use. However, design trends show that many graphic design specialists are starting to use gradients in unique and interesting ways. From use in complex infographics and colour filters, or to simply add depth and texture to simple designs, you can expect to see more colour gradients in 2020 and beyond.

3. The continued rise of WordPress

The popularity of WordPress is set to continue in 2020. For website development, it’s a powerful tool which can be as complex or as simple as each project requires. It’s perfect for creating everything from simple blogs to detailed eCommerce sites, and its versatility will ensure that it remains a top choice among developers over the following years.

4. Heavy-yet-simple fonts

Heavy fonts employ the use of bold or extra-bold typefaces. Recently, graphic design teams have been tending to use heavy fonts to create a sense of contrast and hierarchy within their designs. Pairing heavy fonts with neutral colour palettes seems to be the way forward for many digital marketing teams in 2020.

5. Candid stock photos

The shift to more neutral colour schemes brings with it a desire for more natural stock photos. Expect to see a lot of genuine portraits, muted landscapes, overexposure and natural stock photos being used in 2020.

Are you looking to team up with a new graphic design or website design house in 2020? Speak to us today and start your new year on the right track.

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