Content marketing

WordPress is a great tool for both content and digital marketing. You can use blog posts to weave a story about your product or business, in a way which captivates your audience and converts them into potential customers.

This is your chance to explain what your product does, the benefits and how it was inspired. By giving a backstory, you gain the trust of the reader who may be unsure whether to try your business or that of a competitor.

However, why just tell, when you can show as well?

Graphic design

Graphic design is a great way of showing off your products or services. You can use an image of your item in whichever setting it might be used. For example; a book on a bookshelf, coffee in a kitchen or beauty products on a dressing table. Having these images created, rather than simply taking a photo, will almost always make your product look better. We can help with images if this isn’t your area of expertise.

Make use of social media with your WordPress posts

You may notice that WordPress allows you to share your posts to several websites such as your Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

This saves time on posting the content itself or sharing the links manually onto each social media page. One blog post can reach hundreds or thousands of people across all your social media followers. If they find it useful or interesting enough, they will then share it across their own networks. There’s no limit to the number of people it can reach.

Getting discovered through SEO

WordPress lets you include keywords and tags to help readers discover your posts. For example; if you write a post about the benefits of exercise and include words such as “weight loss”, “personal trainer” and “healthy diet” in your post, then someone looking for a personal trainer and/or a way to achieve weight loss through a healthy diet, will be more likely to discover your post.

If you’re not tech-savvy or don’t have the time to update your WordPress as frequently as you’d like, we offer several services such as a WordPress update service.

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