Is your website ticking SEO boxes?

Our websites act as an online home. They can serve many purposes – from being an information resource to showcasing our products and services, being an eCommerce site, or fostering an online community. But if you are serious about building your online profile, one thing the majority of websites have in common is that they are search engine optimisation (SEO) friendly.

How SEO friendly is your website? Are there ways in which your online home could be conducive to a climb up the Google rankings? In this blog, we look at the SEO ‘must-dos’ pertaining to website design.

Page titles and meta descriptions

The page titles and meta descriptions (that is, the text which will show up under your website pages when they appear in search results) are not simply there to fill space. It is recognised that these textual elements of your website can have a significant influence on your SEO power. So not only should you choose them wisely, making them relevant to customer queries, but you should also consider incorporating them with your overall keyword strategy; ensuring that they are really hitting the target.

Avoid duplicate content

Do you have some lines or paragraphs describing a product or service which are plastered all over your website? That’s no good, because Google can recognise and ‘markdown’ duplicate content. The solution is to make sure text is unique across all your pages, and even if it is describing something similar, you can rewrite it so it is original.

Keep building

Don’t stop adding relevant, interesting, keyword-rich content to your website. Would you benefit from a regular blog? That’s one way of attracting more visitors to your site, giving yourself a way to fit more keywords in, and showcasing some of your products and services – it all goes towards more effective SEO. Give yourself a way of adding meaningful SEO friendly content regularly.

Those are just three of the points on an SEO checklist for website design. By ticking off these website features, you can rest assured that you are doing what you can to improve your search engine standing.

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