SEO isn’t enough: the “other optimisation” behind world-class website design

It’s easy to get caught up in SEO, because great SEO works. But when it comes to increasing conversions and ramping up sales for your business, keywords and search rank aren’t the whole story.

There’s an insider secret to great website design and digital marketing, which combines SEO with something else.

After investing time and effort in your web design, development and digital marketing, it’s tempting to go all-out on SEO to try and boost your website traffic and conversions.

But your web design and digital marketing could still be missing the most vital ingredient of all.

Because SEO isn’t the only kind of content optimisation.

Audience optimisation is just as important for the success of your website.

Search engines may bring readers and viewers to your website, but that’s only taking things halfway. The rest of the conversion funnel is up to your website design, website development, and content – and optimising not just for search engines, but for human readers too.

For your web design and digital marketing to perform at its true potential, it’s vital to take this audience optimisation factor into account – and to use it when you’re structuring SEO content for your readers and viewers to engage with.

Audience optimisation is actually a stack of tactics to apply, and here’s how.

Use PAS in your ads

Problem, Agitation, Solution. The perfect way to structure your ads and landing pages. Start by addressing your ideal prospect’s problem head-on, then take their problem to its nth degree, and be clear and concise in offering a solution that they won’t just need, but love.

Use FOMO in your SEO digital marketing

Fear Of Missing Out. Everyone’s heard of it, but applying it precisely and thoughtfully in your web design and digital marketing is a very different thing. To know what your prospect most fears missing out on, know your prospect better than they know themselves. To do that, you’ll need to know your prospect’s OCEANs. (Below).

Audience-optimise your web design with OCEAN

Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism. These personality traits, combined in differing ratios, create the psychological recipe for everyone on Earth. Know your prospect’s OCEAN makeup, and you’ll understand their problems to solve – and exactly how to go about it when you audience-optimise your website design and digital marketing.

The slippery slide

What’s the purpose of a headline? To get the first line read. The point of your first line? To get the second line read. And so on, up until your final call-to-action – and the conversion. Your web design and digital marketing, and every slice of content within it, needs to be reader-optimised to become a slippery slide. To the point where your audience feels so engaged that they can’t help but continue down your marketing funnel.

Use AIDA in your website design, graphic design and content

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. The pre-internet prototype of SEO and digital marketing. This classic sales and marketing technique is so universally effective that no website design, graphic design, print, website development or digital marketing you rely on should be done without it. This blog post, for example, just used the AIDA structure to keep you engaged, deliver value, and keep you reading this far – so did it work? 😀

For world-class website design and development, partner up.

So that’s your SEO and audience optimisation taken care of, but what about optimising your web design for conversions?

A partnership with the right web design and development company could not only increase your website conversions, but increase them exponentially. Partner with a trusted WordPress website developer, and optimise your website not just for SEO but your audience too, and you’ll have the secret of world-class web design to increase your sales.

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