What’s UX and how does it affect website design?

Creating an attractive website – and a strong digital marketing campaign to drive traffic to it – is only half the battle. Even focusing on search engine optimisation (SEO) can still leave you with disappointing sales figures.

That’s because a website that performs well is one that offers a powerful UX.

What is UX? It’s an abbreviation of User Experience and refers to whether your site users stay around long enough to complete your desired action (buy, enquire, subscribe etc.).

This is our quick guide to how it affects website development.

Steps to creating strong lead conversion

The first step to creating good UX is finding a digital marketing agency in Yorkshire who understands the concept! Some promise you high traffic, but as already mentioned, that can still leave you with customers clicking away rapidly, and poor lead conversion rates.

The best website agency will work with you on your brand and the best ways to engage your target audiences. What website content will make them spend longer on your site, navigating through to your transaction page? First impressions matter!

Another vital part of UX is having a responsive website, optimised to work brilliantly on any browser and device. This can mean keeping things simple and brand-focused too. No whistles and bells that slow your page load speeds. Consumers are impatient these days.

One of the biggest barriers to good UX is your payment and delivery systems and descriptions. Abandoned shopping baskets pile up if your site users are overwhelmed, confused or generally turned off by lack of clarity or options.

Lastly, consider both quantitive and qualitative research for your website. In essence, this means not being too focused on how many people visit your site and each page. Their behaviour and buying decisions are potentially more important to finding the best ways to increase your website user experience and grow sales.

Easy way to build UX

The best way to ensure you offer a strong user experience – and therefore a platform for effective lead conversion – is to find a ‘user-centric’ website designer!

This literally means the way the Viable Designs team dig down thoroughly on who you are talking to, what you want to say, and the best ways to get your message across succinctly and successfully. Get in touch with us today!

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