Whether you’re a retailer or not, there is pressure to have an online presence. Here are many reasons why you should have a website even if you don’t want an ecommerce site: –

  • There’s no denying that customers love to shop online – just check out the public’s mania for Black Friday which is incidentally today!
  • While the majority of larger chain stores have progressed into selling their products online with e-commerce sites, this may not be best suited for smaller independent stores (if your USP is in store service then it may be harder to replicate that online)
  • There are many reasons to promote your business online whether you’re after an ecommerce site or not. Why?
  • You still need a presence to let people know you’re there and to demonstrate brand personality
  • You must sell the aspirations and benefits that come from your product – in this way you may choose to have a website that complements your entire digital marketing suite, so including your social media too
  • People may want to peek inside your store before they come to the shop
  • People may want to see who will be there to greet them when they enter your store
  • They may want to know where your store is (contact details, postcode, FAQ)

Above all, a well designed website adds credibility to your business.

If you have no online presence, people will doubt your credibility.

Simple brochure sites can be created on small budgets. We offer a range of website types to suit all budgets and business sizes for this very reason.

People use search engines multiple times per day – it’s the equivalent of opening the yellow pages.  If you’re not online, are you really there at all?

This week I’ve been operating outside the office but been there for my customers with my portable office as shown in the pic!

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