How will you manage my project?

At Viable Design, marketing your business is at the core of what we do. We believe it is important to work with fairness and transparency.

All projects are logged on a “first come first served” basis. When your project is added to our system, a unique ‘Created Date’ is generated. This cannot be changed by either you or us.

We then use one of 6 unique statuses to manage your job right through to delivery:

  • In Progress – We are busy working on your project 
  • External – We are waiting for one of our specialists to contribute to your project
  • Waiting on Client – We are ready for your feedback or input
  • On Hold – After 28 days of Waiting on Client this status is automatically applied
  • Close-Pending – We’ve completed your project, but you still have a 7 day window to list any further tasks. You can do this while retaining your original Created Date and without having to rejoin the queue.

What does this workflow look like in practice?

Let’s look at 3 projects – Project A, Project B and Project C.

  • A has a created date of 01/01/2021
  • B has a created date of 01/02/2021
  • C has a created date of 01/03/2021

We begin work on A first, however, client A gets unexpectedly busy in their workplace, and Project A goes into On Hold.

We start Project B on 01/02/2020, but on the very next day client, A requests some amends and their project reverts to In Progress. 

Because A was booked first it retains priority, even though this may cause some slight delay to project B. 

The same holds true for client B: if their feedback is delayed we will make a start on Project C, but when Project B resumes it will take priority over Project C again. 

We know that every business has a natural ebb and flow of work and we don’t believe that anyone should be penalised for this. By applying the same logic to every client and every project, we can work around your busy moments and treat everyone equally.

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