This week, just for fun, we’re sharing with you some fabulous life hacks you might never have considered that can be found in this article here .  The article claims they are LIFE CHANGING!  You know what, once you learn to search for something and find it useful, you don’t let it go, so we may be inclined to agree with them! What did we actually do without Google (or insert name of your other preferred search engine here)?  After all, technology is meant to make your life easier, not harder. These life hacks remind us of exactly that.

In this article there are a few life hacks you can search for using Google – I bet you find something that you hadn’t searched for before!

We like a bit of word definition, and checking the sunrise, checking calorific content of food.  But there may be others you hadn’t thought of, like when you’re out for a meal with friends and need to quickly calculate the bill and divide the tip.  Just search for it!

Do you have any local search tips?  In Scarborough, we always checking the tide times before embarking on a walk to the beach to make sure the tide will be out or whether the surf will be good, if that’s your thing.

We are so not advocating number 12, playing games at work.  We are way too focused on our clients for that!

Let us know in the comments what are your favourite life hacks you search for!

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