The dangers of writing your own website content

Many business owners or managers feel best-placed to craft the content for their own website. This is an understandable reaction - it's unlikely that anyone else knows more about their business than those inside it. And this can also be exactly where the problem lies....

3 reasons flyers are still a top marketing tool

The modern business world is a fast-moving place and marketing is at the forefront of this. Recent years have seen digital marketing take all the headlines and become very popular with businesses. From social media to SEO and PPC, online marketing has given...

Introduction of branded Christmas Cards

Many businesses send Christmas cards to their customers, but have you ever considered sending branded Christmas cards? Doing so shows your customers that you are thinking about them and that you value their custom. It's also a great way to set you apart from any brand...

5 key reasons why graphic design is vital for any company

They say that a picture can be worth a thousand words, and while that statement is impossible to actually quantify, it is certainly true that quality graphics and images can enhance your company's ability to appeal to your target audience. Attractive graphics and...

The benefits of business stationery

In this digital day and age, are you sure that you really need concrete business stationery? The attractiveness and functionality of your website design are of paramount importance but your business website is not the only marketing tool at your disposal. Let's make...

The top 3 reasons you should move to WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS available, and businesses across the world are beginning to realise why. 28% of the internet is currently powered by WordPress and as more businesses begin to integrate their services, that number is anticipated to grow. WordPress is...

How to Write for your Website

You would think that writing about your business on your website would be relatively easy. No one knows your business better than you do and if you have a flair for writing, it should be even easier. So writing copy for your website shouldn’t be hard, right? Wrong. It might sound easy but not necessarily […]

Rebranding and Your Website

What is Rebranding? Branding is the image that your business portrays to your customers. It’s made up of various elements including your name, logo, slogan, design and any other characteristics your customers associate with your brand. Sometimes a brand can get tired, outdated or might even lose the target audience. That is when it’s time […]

What Should Your Homepage Look Like?

When building a website, it’s hard to know what elements to include. Your homepage is most important because it’s where your customers arrive on your site. It needs to be engaging to keep your customers interested. So, what are the most important features? Your Logo Your logo should definitely be on your homepage as it […]

Why Blogging is Important

Blogging is an increasingly important way business owners are communicating with their customers. It’s a good way to peak their interest in your business and to get seen by potential customers that you probably would not reach otherwise. It helps with your website’s SEO and search engine ratings and promotes trust in you and your […]

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