The top 3 reasons you should move to WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS available, and businesses across the world are beginning to realise why. 28% of the internet is currently powered by WordPress and as more businesses begin to integrate their services, that number is anticipated to grow. WordPress is...

How to Write for your Website

You would think that writing about your business on your website would be relatively easy. No one knows your business better than you do and if you have a flair for writing, it should be even easier. So writing copy for your website shouldn’t be hard, right? Wrong. It might sound easy but not necessarily […]

Rebranding and Your Website

What is Rebranding? Branding is the image that your business portrays to your customers. It’s made up of various elements including your name, logo, slogan, design and any other characteristics your customers associate with your brand. Sometimes a brand can get tired, outdated or might even lose the target audience. That is when it’s time […]

What Should Your Homepage Look Like?

When building a website, it’s hard to know what elements to include. Your homepage is most important because it’s where your customers arrive on your site. It needs to be engaging to keep your customers interested. So, what are the most important features? Your Logo Your logo should definitely be on your homepage as it […]

Why Blogging is Important

Blogging is an increasingly important way business owners are communicating with their customers. It’s a good way to peak their interest in your business and to get seen by potential customers that you probably would not reach otherwise. It helps with your website’s SEO and search engine ratings and promotes trust in you and your […]

What Colours Should you Use for Your Website?

Choosing colours for your website can be difficult. There are so many things to consider. Every colour has a different effect on consumers so you need to do your research and choose wisely to attract the right demographic for your business. A good place to start is with your logo. It’s the face of your […]

Introducing Clean Conscience – Eco Friendly Cleaners

Are you looking for an experienced and reliable cleaning company in the Scarborough and Ryedale area? We are happy to introduce our client Clean Conscience, a local, independent company who provide an eco-friendly cleaning service. Clean Conscience will meet with you to chat about what cleaning services you require and will happily provide a service […]

Content Marketing      

Content Marketing is quickly becoming the most used marketing strategy for online businesses. It aims to attract a specific audience, to retain their interest in a certain product or service and to convert them into paying customers. What is Content Marketing? The Content Marketing Institute defines it as follows: “Content Marketing is a marketing technique […]

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL, (Secure Sockets Layer), Certificate is a digital certificate that secures the connection between a website server and your browser. When you visit a website, it will identify itself to your browser through a copy of its’ SSL Certificate. This secures the connection so that all transmitted data is encrypted. Over half of the […]

Your Website Security

With all of the online security concerns website owners face today, it’s important to follow some basic rules. Hackers are always looking to take your content from your basic information to credit card details. It’s important to protect yourself and your customers. Your customers will expect that you have taken proper security steps, therefore, it’s important […]

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